If you take stock of how you’ve used the internet today, you’ll realize that videos have been a significant part of your use today and every other day. This is why marketing experts encourage brands to use more video.

But still, many brands don’t maximize the power of video in their marketing. There are four primary reasons for this:


Budget. Some companies see it as unaffordable

Talent. Most companies lack people with the skills

Consistency. Some companies start but can’t keep up


These are significant challenges and explain why some companies don’t use videos for marketing. However, even with all these, you can step in the game and rise to the top. But the clock is ticking. Here’s a guide to building a video marketing agency:

First, you need a kind shift. Making a video for marketing in today’s world is not the same as years before. Nowadays, large-scale production does not mean great video marketing.

Every brand needs to master video marketing on three tiers.


These are the polished and expensive videos companies already make. They make good impressions on viewers, especially if it’s their first interaction with your company. They are suitable for commercials, product videos, and company overviews.

They, however, cannot convey authenticity or build a relationship with your viewer. Tier 1 videos are also not cost-effective. They can’t be consistent on social media, video SEO, or blog.

To create Tier 1 videos, brands need to work with a third party video company. These videos will be scripted, shot with high-end cameras, and will be professionally edited. Big names like Apple and Slack use Tier 1 videos.



These are planned videos with a high level of content. Examples are How-To videos. Tier 2 videos work great when you want to build a relationship with your viewers. And they are cheaper. They work well for educational content, social media videos, a video series, team or personal intro videos, etc

To create a Tier 2 video, you need a basic script, basic video equipment, and video editing program.

Three things make Tier 2 videos effective: authenticity, volume, and consistency.



On this plane, brands get to connect with their audience and stand out from the competition. Tier 3 videos are raw, unpolished, and extremely efficient in humanizing your brand and the team behind it.

To create a Tier 3 video, you don’t need much. You can pull out your cell phone or turn on your webcam, press record, and start talking. These videos are great for sharing lessons on-location from industry events, making key employees shine on their social media channels, helping your salespeople stand out in their prospects’ email inboxes, and adding a personal touch to your customer service communications.

The ability to personalize for individual people is the greatest asset of the Tier 3 videos. And they also help you get information out in almost real-time.

Tier 3 videos still have to be good, so a good phone camera and audio would be a good asset.



The time to act is now. You already know the three tiers needed. Thinking about these tiers and choosing whichever one suits you is going to help in mastering your video marketing at a reasonable cost.