Hey there, do you want to start blogging or you are already blogging? Do you use or are planning to use WordPress? Do you know what should be on your blog or not? In this article, we would touch on ten necessary elements that should be found on your WordPress blog.


  1. About Page

Nobody likes rude people. It is simple courtesy to have an about page where your readers could read about you, who you are and what you do. Your interest as regards blogging etc. It should have a photo of you (I mean it is your blog after all). you must make it captivating beautiful and informative. No one likes boring stuff ok? (not even you)


  1. Contact page

Your readers and customers must be able to contact you if they need to. That is the purpose of a contact page. It should have your contact information on it- phone numbers, social media handles, email addresses, etc. Just in case you are the ghost blogger, you can use email forms to achieve the same.


  1. Media page

This page is will be your public relations officer. It would also serve as your money magnet page. This page informs interested brands, influencers, etc, it features stuff like:

– blogs and websites where you’ve featured

–  social media followers count

– links to your social media channels

– the number of views you receives each month

This page aims to sell you out to all potential brands and bloggers for partnerships and sponsorships.


  1. Mobile Responsive Design

You must have a blog that has a smartphone compliant. The majority of your readers will be using mobile devices. If your blog does not have an interface that is suitable for your users. If you don’t have this,  well then there is trouble. Make sure you pick a mobile responsive theme from the many


  1. Social sharing button

The best way may be to drive traffic is through social media. having social media share buttons will allow your content to be easily shared on the various social media platforms available. You can get this on your WordPress blog using tools like add this, add to any or social warfare.


  1. Social media icons

If you want people to follow you on social media straight from your blog, then you need to have social media icons on your blog. These icons are already available in most WordPress themes. All you have to do is just add in the appropriate links.


  1. Commenting system

Trust me, you and your audience would want communion. They may have questions and contributions that you may need to respond to. In general, this would make your audience feel like you care about their opinions. It is one way you can keep a discussion or flowing relationship with your audience.


  1. Blog categories

One of the ways you can make your blog look neat and organized is by creating different categories. This will provide for you a bit of SEO assistance and also serve as a sort of guide for people visiting your blog. It is also a way you can arrange blog posts according to themes and topics.


  1. Related posts and other posts

Do you want to keep the readers on your site for over 30 – 45 minutes, moving from one article to the other,? then use the related post function or latest post functions. Readers will keep clicking from one ost to the other without even noticing they are spending more and more time than they budgeted at your blog.


  1. Email subscriber form

If you want those readers to always return to your site, then you need to be able to lure them back. Having good content is not enough. There is a lot of other awesome content out there demanding for their attention. The easiest way you can keep people coming back to your blog is to have an email subscriber form. When you collect the emails of your readers, you could always send them email alerts about your new available content on your blog.


There you have it. Ten elements that every blogger must have on their WordPress blog for success.