Customer experience impeccable, where does it all begin? The answer to this is simple; It starts with you, and your employees. In this article, we dive into and explore the importance of employee experience. We then see how this relates to the customer experience.

What is employee experience?

Right from the beginning, the application process through professional development, on to the training. The employee then moves to key milestones and finally, he takes the exit interview. This is the typical lifecycle of an employee’s tenure with your company.

When Employee Experience, which is also called EX, is done the way it is meant to be done, your employees achieve success, you get high retention rates, and you also increase your bottom line. According to statistics given by, it has been seen that companies with highly engaged employees always perform better than their competitors by 147%.

The next question then is, what helps move the needle when it comes to Employee Experience? Is it the tech, or the culture? Is it the leadership, support, encouragement, physical environment? The answer is yes! It is all those things and also the tools needed to accomplish the job. One of these tools is a well-designed intranet. 

How can an Intranet improve your Employee Experience?

One very valuable way to share ownership of your company is by making good use of an intranet. This helps employees realize that what they do every single day has a direct and significant impact on the success of the business. An intranet allows you to engage with your employees in the following ways:

  • Maintaining and keeping easy access to document management;
  • Mentoring, Coaching, and development.
  • Providing a chance to learn new things;
  • Keeping them up to date on current events and company news;
  • Embracing the feeling of community loaded with opportunities to communicate with all employees. This includes co-workers who are in other offices;
  • Providing clear and definite communication to employees regarding the company values, mission statements, and goals.


What is the Relation between Employee Experience and Customer Experience?

Customer experience which is also referred to as CX is what a customer thinks or how a customer feels about a company. This includes the physical, emotional, and psychological connection they have with the company. An example of CX is how easy it is to navigate your website or the kind of experience the person had with customer service.

Some time ago, the Temkin Group did a survey and they found out that companies that deliver a great customer experience have up to 60% more engaged employees. It can, therefore, be said that a happier, more knowledgeable employee will take pride in your company and this will result in great customer experience, from beginning to the end. 

The intranet is very important to EX and CX. It supports EX to drive a positive CX. Here’s 

The intranet ensures that your employees are always, motivated and firmly grounded. When you are actively working to ensure that your employees feel involved, happy and knowledgeable, you allow them to demonstrate how committed they are to your brand and company.