For most business owners or entrepreneurs, there is always the burning question of whether or not they should have a blog. The reason for this is not farfetched. Many people see owning a blog as another burden to deal with. Some see it as another project to manage and maintain.

You may ask yourself the question: “what is the point in writing blog posts about my business? Do I have?” The accurate answer to that is YES! And here is why:

  1. Blogs are a pool of fresh ideas and content.

The moment you launch your blog or website, you should never once forget it! The content of your website will have to evolve and be seen as an extension of your business or organization. It can even be seen as an extension of you: the part of your website that allows you and the members on your team to bring up new and relevant content. This enhances your ability to educate and enlighten your clients and prospects. As a platform, your blog allows you to generate valuable content related to your business conversations. This positions you as a smart leader.

However, publishing fresh content won’t just help with your local site; it will influence your SEO. Frequent content updates alert Google to recrawl your site for new information. The more frequently you post content and update your blog, the more Google will recrawl your website. One tip to help increase your page rank? Publish relevant content regularly.



  1. Blogs generate links.

One way to increase the possibility of your website being picked up by third-party websites is by creating impacting content which these third-party websites can pick up as “external links.” When you have external links from quality websites, search engines believe that your content is useful. This will increase your website’s search results. Over time, it has also been discovered by experts to be a powerful way to establish credibility. It makes your site trustworthy.

In addition to all the benefits explained above, your blog can do much more for you and your business. It can also be instrumental in generating internal links. You can do this by guiding your readers to contents related to your piece. This is very similar to what websites experience when referring to their “cross-linking strategy,” providing internal links within your blog post is a great way to guide visitors across your site.


  1. Your blogs give you the chance to respond to trends and keywords.

The importance of using keywords can never be overemphasized. It is a known fact that using keywords is an essential part of content creation. But even at that, the days of keyword stuffing are bygone. Keywords should be incorporated naturally. Blogging can serve as the best way to address trending topics (and keywords) and remain relevant for both your audience and Google’s spiders.


Are you convinced now?

As shown in the article above, the advantages of having a blog are more than what you know. Having compelling blog content is such an excellent way for your prospects and clients to know more about your niche and to position you as a thought leader. Cheers!